Does iTunes reimburse you for an accidental purchase?

Question by corharmonie: Does iTunes reimburse you for an accidental purchase?
I normally use my shopping cart as a “wish list” (I know, bad idea). I attempted to buy one song and accidentally purchased my entire shopping cart! I don’t really know what happened. I swear I clicked the “buy now” button right next to the one song I wanted.

Here’s the kicker: I have about 8 different versions of the same classical song, about five songs I already own, three entire albums, twenty-some other songs I don’t really want, and a movie. All for a grand total of $ 71.58! That’s a pretty big accident.

I didn’t download any of these songs. Within an instant, all I saw was “purchasing Shopping Cart” and BOOM: iTunes purchased EVERYTHING. So I paused all the downloads.

Has this happened to anybody? Will iTunes reimburse me for my inadvertently downloaded bulk of things I didn’t really want in the first place? And what might’ve caused downloading the shopping cart instead of just one song?


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Answer by Dolce
That is a lot..
Actually no. Apple dont give reimbursments.
Im so sorry for what happened. Mom works for apple.
The same thing happened to me.
I think it was like 256.00 in songs ans apps..
I called them and they told me no. Since they go straight to your computer/itouch/iphone and there is no way for them to take them away from you.
Yeah. Mom said that if you havent download them there is a 45% out of 100% posibility to get the reimbursment.

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