Has anybody purchased anything from Rue 21 online?

Question by EvoFit: Has anybody purchased anything from Rue 21 online?
Okay, I’m seriously not THAT retarded… but, asking this question, I feel pretty demented.

I went to the Rue 21 website and since there aren’t really many Rue 21s that I can travel to, I want to buy it from their website… but… I can’t figure out how to do it! I see the “Not a member? Join today!” thing at the top right of the website but it isn’t “clickable”… and there is no option to put any item into your “shopping cart” like most online sites for shopping.

Do you have to buy everything from their store? Ah, please help!


Thanks sassiebree16…

Now that I know how to register for a wishlist, I need to know how to actually purchase something from the site! It says that I have a wishlist, but… it doesn’t give me any options to “check out’ like normal shopping sites. Any help?

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Answer by jamesybabyy<3
OMG I have had the same problem! i thought i was retarded lol

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