SplashCast: Bargain Hunting With Social Media

The web has already empowered consumers when it comes to searching for deals, discounts and bargain. But what about the rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog posts – how is social media adding fuel to the hunt for income-saving information? And how need to businesses respond to this new development? SplashCast host Renay San Miguel asks those questions of Rachel Belkin, mommyblogger and proprietor of the Cha Ching Queen blog (www.chachingqueen.com), which passes along the newest deals for all kinds of consumer goods and services. For far more Splashcasts and news bits on social media advertising, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel at http For more information on Splash Media and our social media marketing services, check out www.splashmedia.com
Video Rating: 5 / five

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